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Feeding your pets the perfect diet hasn’t always been easy, until now.

The highest level of certifications in the pet food industry make Tender & True the absolute best you can give your furry friends.

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The Tender & True Difference

Our premium ingredients show our dedication to the ones eating our food – your pets. Because we care about your dogs and cats as much as you do, and we’ve got the best food on the market to prove it. Our food lets your pet live up to its full potential. That means brighter eyes. Shinier coat. More fetching. More chasing. And most importantly, a longer and healthier life with you, their best friend. Once you learn a little more, you'll understand why we believe Tender & True is not just pet food. It's the perfect superfood for your pet.

  • Certified Organic – With 95% organically sourced ingredients, we’re the only pet food on the market with a full line of organic certified products.

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  • Humanely Raised – Tender & True is a partner of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), which ensures the welfare of the animals that go into our food.

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  • Always Antibiotic Free – The animals that we source are always raised without the use of antibiotics, so they have more space and are treated better.

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  • Sustainable Seafood – We only use fish that are caught by certified sustainable fisheries in our foods. Good for your pets, good for the oceans.

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  • Grain Free – We focus on quality ingredients, and many of our premium recipes are grain free.

  • Farm to Bowl – From our sustainable farms to your pet’s bowl, our certified, premium ingredients are all natural and organic.

What pet owners are saying

We rescued a 5-year-old bichon over a year ago, who was an extremely picky eater. I was struggling to get him to eat much, even when following his foster mom’s instructions. It was very frustrating. And having two other dogs, I didn’t like isolating him to wait to see if he would eat anything. Being […]
My “son” Lucas has had a history of urinary issues the past few years. I did what the vet told me – and that was to feed him prescription food. I thought that the problem was being taken care of by the food. Needless to say, the food was causing more of a problem. I […]
Our three dogs are very picky about their food, and we don’t like to feed them less than the best. We got a sample of your food and decided to buy two bags for them. We got the Organic Chicken & Liver (dry) and they love it! It has also helped one of them with […]
Sodi has been enjoying Tender & True Turkey for a year now. When I moved this past summer, I carried around the empty bag to all the pet stores, large and small, but couldn’t find this great brand anywhere. So it’s so easy and simple to just buy online. As an animal lover, I want […]
We are two rescue dogs that do so well on your grain-free line, and we love it! Our rescue mom just got her delivery the other day – so fast and easy to order online! We now eat better than our parents! Thanks for being into animal welfare. We hope that becomes a trend among […]
I just placed an online order, and it went smoothly. I am so excited to be able to do this now. I cannot thank Tender & True enough. You have no idea the changes I have seen in my two cats. They are 17-year-old female siblings and with the Chicken and Liver food their overall […]
I recently bought the Chicken and Liver Recipe dog food for our little poodle, Lilly. She used to wait until we finished eating and she knew there would be no more chance to retrieve dropped tidbits until she would eat her dog food. BUT NOW SHE LOVES HER DOG FOOD AND EATS IT AS SOON […]
I switched to you product today! My cat enjoys your Turkey & Liver dry food! Thank you for making cat food ORGANIC and for not using BHT or metabisulfites to “preserve” the food. I have looked all over for Organic food for my cats that did not contain those chemicals. Thank you for making the […]
We just wanted to give Tender & True two paws up from our foster, Sophie.  Sophie’s 10-years-old and came to us on your Organic Chicken & Liver Recipe dry and canned dog foods. We love that it’s a grain-free, organic and has great ingredients.  But even more, we love how healthy Sophie is.  At her […]
My experience with Tender and True pet food has been excellent. Zeus-Zoo has been on Tender and True for well over a year now, he has tried all their recipes since he gets bored with the same flavor all the time he really likes the fact that we can keep five flavors in rotation. We […]
I’m sure if my dog, Greta, and cat, Grimalkin,  could talk they would tell you how much they love their Tender and True food is because it is yummy. However, the reason I love Tender and True Organic pet food is because it is everything I was looking for in a pet food.  It isn’t […]
My sweet Goldendoodle, Robby, suffered several health issues last summer (ruptured disk leading to upper body paralysis, loss of most of his muscle mass, obstruction surgery from ingesting a large piece of towel while paralyzed, aspiration pneumonia and a severe bladder infection due to his catheter) and had 2 major surgeries and 4 critical care […]
I started feeding my 2yr old cat, Gwen, your Ocean Whitefish and Potato dry food recipe a few months ago, and I have seen such changes in her since!  After I adopted her from the shelter I wanted to find some better quality food to switch her to, so I tried your brand.  Since we changed over […]
When we rescued our pup, Bodhi as an 8 week old pup, we knew how important it was to give him the best quality nutrition from the start. We are thrilled to find that Tender & True chicken & liver kibble is not only grain free and organic, but in fact, Step 3 Certified by […]
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