We launched Tender & True™  in October of 2014 to provide pet parents with a super-premium pet food that contains only the type of quality ingredients that we feel comfortable feeding our own pets.   Tender & True™ is currently available at Natural Grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Pet Specialty Stores and is available to order online at Chewy.com. We strive to provide the highest quality pet food products governed by the same high standards you prefer for the foods you eat.  We know you seek the USDA Organic certification seal on the foods you eat.  We want you to have that same option for your dog or cat!

TnT-Facebook-Profile_image-300x300Our recipes were developed with sustainably sourced proteins and do not contain corn, wheat or soy. We do not use artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.  Our USDA Certified Organic Chicken & Liver recipe is GAP Certified (Step 3) by the Global Animal Partnership, which means our chicken is raised in an enhanced environment with outdoor access. All Chicken and Turkey recipe meats are sourced from U.S. farmers and are GAP certified to ensure your pets are eating proteins that were humanely raised in a reduced-stress environment without added hormones or antibiotics! Our Ocean Whitefish recipes are made with MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood because we are committed to sustainable fishing practices. We want the world’s oceans to be teeming with life – today, tomorrow and for generations to come!

When your dog or cat enjoys Tender & True™, you can be assured they are getting 100% balanced nutrition on a daily basis. Your dogs and cats are family! Tender & True™ was developed to feed your pets like family!

Check out our Certifications!

Pet owners want nothing but the best for their pets. That is why many pet parents choose to feed organic pet food. By law, USDA certified organic pet food must follow exactly the same requirements and standards as those established for organic human foods. Learn more about our USDA Organic Certification.

Always Antibiotic-Free provides assurance that the animals were raised in a program that allows them to grow at their natural pace in an environment that does not require the administration of antibiotics to keep them healthy.Learn more about Always Antibiotic Free.


There are many different opinions on what the term “animal welfare” means. We and the Global Animal Partnership believe that farm animal welfare isn’t just about minimizing stress, suffering, and coping in an environment or being kept well-fed and watered. We believe farm animal welfare refers to the animal’s quality of life. Learn more about our GAP Certification.


You can trust that seafood with the MSC ecolabel has been responsibly caught by a certified sustainable fishery.  Only seafood from fisheries that meet The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) strict standard for sustainability can be sold with the blue MSC ecolabel.Learn more about our MSC Sustainable Seafood Certification.


Please feel free to call, email or fill out the form on our contact page with any questions you may have. Thank you!

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We love our pets just as much as you! That's why we only use premium pet food ingredients, because we know that your pet deserves the BEST!

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