New packaging updates!


We are so excited to share our newest renovation at Tender & True – our new packaging!

Our entire line of Tender & True products have been redesigned to easily convey information to pet parents. We hope you enjoy the look of our new packaging as much as we do! Below is all the information you need to know about our new packaging.


Updates on bags


Our new packaging has a lot of fun new features so you can easily see the benefits of choosing Tender & True.

First, we have a larger banner size at the top of the product. The enlarged banner is easy to spot and tell just who the recipe is intended for! This banner also lets you know that the recipe has been specially formulated for all life stages.

We also included a new premium zipper on our smaller bags, one that you can hear and feel! This feature makes it easy for you pet parents to store your favorite food and keep it fresh. It also keeps those pets from snagging another serving! (We know they can’t help themselves!)

The recipe title on the front of the product has been moved up and increased in size. These changes make it easier for you to spot and choose your favorite flavor (or explore and try a new one!).

We have also designated bright, fun colors to each flavor that correspond to recipe types across the different lines! These colors will help you quickly find your preferred flavor in each type of product: dry food, canned food, or treats.

New vs old packaging


Badges and Certifications

Another fun update that is included in this packaging change is the addition of our badges! We are very proud of each badge and having them on the front of each product can help the decision making process and choose which product is the right fit for your best friend.

Each recipe has different badges that help to explain just what makes that recipe special. Be on the lookout for these colorful, easy to read badges on all of our products and see what is so different about each and every Tender & True product!

Another change is the addition and enlargement of our certifying partners! This includes the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), which certifies that our recipes utilize only humanely raised ingredients, and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which certifies we partner with fisheries that help to protect fish populations and ocean life!




Recipe Updates

Although the exterior is changing, our recipes on the inside that you know and love remain the same!

The only recipe that has had adjustments is our Ocean Whitefish & Potato Recipe – which is now poultry free! That means that we now have two recipes, Salmon & Sweet Potato and Whitefish & Potato, that contain absolutely no poultry. These are the perfect options for pets that have a poultry allergy.

Brand Story

One other large change you’ll notice is the addition of our brand story on the back of the bag! We wanted to find an easy way to let pet parents know how Tender & True became the Certifiably Better brand it is today. Check out “Our Journey” to learn more about the evolution of our brand from 2014 to present.

Order Now

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe during the chaos of COVID-19. Are you struggling to find your favorite Tender & True recipe in your local store, or would rather prefer ordering from the safety of your couch? You can now order directly from Tender & True on our website! Just click the “Buy Now” button at the top right of your screen to fill your pantry for your furry friends!


If you have any questions about our new packaging, we would love to hear from you! You can use our “Contact Us” form here on our website or email us directly at