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    Why Pets Should Eat Superfood

    At Tender & True, we know how important it is to help retailers cultivate strong relationships with their customers. That’s why we formulate our recipes with pets – but also pet parents – in mind. They’re the shoppers in your stores, and they are looking for the kind of food we provide with our premium, humanely sourced ingredients.

    Organic is the best source of nutrition you can buy, so shoppers want it for their pets. The USDA Organic certification is not easy to get, but Tender & True has it. That means our producers undergo and pass regular inspections by the USDA and do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 95 percent of all our ingredients are organically sourced.

    72% of consumers care about the welfare of the animals they eat, and they feel the same way about what their pets eat. That’s why it’s important for your sales that Tender & True has a partnership with GAP, the Global Animal Partnership, which ensures that the animals that go into our food are treated humanely and kept happy. We’re the only pet food on the market with an entire line of GAP certified foods – and our number one ingredient in all our foods is meat, so that’s saying a lot.

    Speaking of meat, 8 out of 10 consumers are concerned about the health of the animal protein they consume. That’s why all our foods are antibiotic-free as well. We’re the only company that makes an entire line of antibiotic-free dog and cat food.

    Even our seafood is certified sustainable. Only fish that are responsibly caught by certified, sustainable fishery make it in to our foods. Which is not only good for your pets, but good for the future of our world’s oceans.

    We put extensive research and scientific study into the formulas of our foods and ingredients that make up our recipes. Our certifications make us a pet superfood. So consumers can be sure that they’re getting the best pet food on the market when they pick up Tender & True at your store. We’d love to work with you to make sure your customers are getting the top-of-the-line food they want for their pets.

    The Tender & True Difference

    The difference is simple: It’s the ingredients. We’ve always sourced the absolute best ingredients, from farm to bowl. But we aren’t satisfied just making claims, only better pet food, so we’ve always sought out the certifications to make sure it’s true. When everything that goes into the bag is better, everything that pours out is better.

    • Certified Organic – With 95% organically sourced ingredients, we’re the only pet food on the market with a full line of organic certified products.

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    • Humanely Raised – Tender & True is a partner of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), which ensures the welfare of the animals that go into our food.

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    • Always Antibiotic Free – The animals that we source are always raised without the use of antibiotics, so they have more space and are treated better.

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    • Sustainable Seafood – We only use fish that are caught by certified sustainable fisheries in our foods. Good for your pets, good for the oceans.

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    • Grain Free – We focus on quality ingredients, and many of our premium recipes are grain free.

    • Farm to Bowl – From our sustainable farms to your pet’s bowl, our certified, premium ingredients are all natural and organic.

    Get the Scoop From Our Nutritionist

    Dr. Tom Willard, animal nutritionist and director of product development for Tender & True, gives the facts on how our brand can help your store.

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