Are you on the hunt for a new diet or transitioning your pet’s diet to a new Tender & True recipe?! There are some things you can do to make the transition easier! Here are our top tips:


When you are deciding to transition to a new food, a gradual transition spanning over 7-10 days is recommended. We recommend starting by mixing your new food of choice into what they are currently eating and slowly increasing the new food until their new food is solely what they are consuming. In other words, we recommend transitioning gradually to avoid potential digestive upset. See the chart below for easy guidance!

Once you complete day 10, your pet should be completely transitioned to their new recipe! Please consult the bag or can for continued feeding guidelines for your furry best friend!

Do I need to transition between recipes within the same brand?

The short answer…it depends!

If the diets are similar, such as our Organic Chicken & Liver and Organic Turkey & Liver Recipes, then no transition is needed! You can mix them if you would like, however as these diets share close resemblance, such as being poultry based and grain free, it should be an easy transition for your pet.

If you are changing to a new recipe that isn’t quite as similar, a transition period may be warranted. For example, transitioning from a grain inclusive recipe, for instance our Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, to a grain free recipe, such as our Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, then you may want to allow some time for your pet to get used to their new diet. That said, transitioning to flavors within the same brand a condensed five day transition period may be used with day three being 50/50 old and new recipes!


What happens if my pet doesn’t take to it immediately?!

Don’t worry! Sometimes finicky pets can take a minute to get used to their new recipes. Did you know that each of our dry recipes has an accompanying canned recipe?! You can use a tablespoon of the wet recipe to entice them, or even sprinkle Tender & True Premium Jerky crumbles into the food to help them adapt to their new recipe!

Where can I find Tender & True Recipes?

Tender & True is available at a variety of retailers. Feel free to use our Store Locator or visit some of our online retailers:

Amazon, Chewy, or Target!


If you have any questions about transitioning your pet or any questions about a Tender & True recipe, we would love to hear from you! You can use our “Contact Us” form here on our website or email us directly at