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We know you demand the best ingredients for your pets and expect unconditional care for our environment. So back in 2014 we changed things forever, pioneering the first USDA certified organic pet food available. We followed that with the first GAP humanely raised and MSC sustainably fished certifications. Today we continue blazing a trail of firsts, setting new standards of quality, excellence and care.

In 2014, Tender & True pioneered the first USDA certified organic and humanely raised pet food. We believe that all animals deserve the very best, including farm animals and ocean life. With 95% organically sourced ingredients, we were the first pet food on the market with a full line of organic certified products. LEARN MORE Tender & True is a partner of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), which ensures the welfare of the animals that go into our food. LEARN MORE Gap Certified Humanely Raised From our farms to your pet’s bowl, our certified, premium ingredients are sustainable and organic. We only use fish that are caught by certified sustainable fisheries in our foods. Good for your pets, good for the oceans. LEARN MORE

At Tender & True, we’re always looking to the future. A future of sustainability, responsibility, and unparalleled quality. It’s easy to feed your pets a better diet. Better for them. Better for the environment. Better for you. It’s Tender & True. Certifiably Better.

Slide As an animal lover, I want to be sure that the animals that Sodi is eating have a good life. I was so happy to find out that there is GAP (Global Animal Partnership) certified catfood for Sodi to enjoy. Happy turkeys, happy Sodi!
Shamirah - Brooklyn, NY READ MORE
Slide We are two rescue dogs that do so well on your grain-free line, and we love it! Our rescue mom just got her delivery the other day – so fast and easy to order online! We now eat better than our parents! Thanks for being into animal welfare. We hope that becomes a trend among all pet lovers like our parents. Otter, Goose and their Mom, Stef R,‎ - Wilmington, DE READ MORE Slide My kitty Meeka, is a Siamese Mix and she meows for joy every time she sees me opening a can of Tender and True. For a year and a half now, I've been feeding it to her and she never has any digestion issues; as well as never getting tired of it's flavor. Tender and True has certainly been a one of Meeka's favorites.
Christine P. - Torrance, CA READ MORE
Slide We switched to this brand and haven't looked back. I trust that my furbaby is getting the best nutrition. Since we switched brands to Tender and True I have noticed he’s got a lot more energy, he wants to play and run a lot more often and his fur is nice and bright, and healthy. I am very pleased with Tender and True and highly recommend it. April M. - Omaha, NE READ MORE

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